To Gouverneur Morris [Letter 22]

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January 23, 1936


Gouverneur Morris


66 Park Avenue
New York, N. Y.

January 23, 1936

Dear Mr. Morris,

Thank you ever so much for the fascinating little book you sent me for Christmas.[*] Needless to say, I enjoyed it tremendously and laughed aloud while reading it. I think it is a beautiful work and most timely and most decidedly needed at the present moment. You probably know that I quite agree with your viewpoint. I can sympathize all the more since you seem to feel as strongly about the subject as I do about another—and not dissimilar problem—that of Soviet Russia. I feel that something has to be done about this modern tendency toward the Red and all forms of Red. And the more voices are raised against it—the better. We certainly hear more than enough from the opposite side. Therefore—my thanks and congratulations for your work.

My novel is announced for publication on April 14. But I expect to have finished copies of it earlier. I have just completed the final corrections on the page proofs and am looking forward anxiously to the day of publication.

As to my play, I am having nothing but endless troubles and law suits with my producer. The whole matter is so complicated and so revolting that it is not worthwhile to bother you with its details. I would like to ask you, however, not to see the play when it comes to Los Angeles. I am sincerely ashamed of it in its present form, owing to changes which I could not prevent Woods from making, and I would prefer that you remember the play as it was, with all its faults, rather than to see the disgraceful burlesque it has become.

I do not know when I shall come back to Hollywood. I suppose I will return when I sell the movie rights to my book or my play. Until then—I would be very grateful for a few lines from you, when you have the time.

My regards and best wishes to Mrs. Morris.

Sincerely yours,


*The name of that book is not known.