To Hal Wallis [Letter 259]

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September 5, 1946


Hal Wallis


September 5, 1946 

Mr. Hal B. Wallis
5100 Woodman Avenue
Van Nuys, California

Dear Boss: 

Here is my novelette [Anthem], a review of which I have shown to you. 

Don’t let the foreword frighten you. It is a story, not a political treatise. I would like you to read it for your own pleasure. 

I don’t suppose you will be interested in this for pictures, but I want you to see it, so that you won’t accuse me of disloyalty if someone else decides to buy it. 



Ayn Rand


There is no response from Wallis in the Ayn Rand Archives, though the two could well have discussed this at the studio.