To Henry Blanke [Letter 264]

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September 9, 1946


Henry Blanke


September 9, 1946

Mr. Henry Blanke
Warner Bros. Studios
Burbank, California

Dear Henry: 

I am sending you the enclosed clipping from LIFE, in case you have not seen it.[*] I suspect that LIFE has received a great many letters of this kind, and of course I hear this from everywhere myself. 

What concerns us in this is the fact that the public has made up its mind to connect Howard Roark with Frank Lloyd Wright. Therefore, if we have Mr. Wright design our buildings, it will be a wonderful boost for the picture and will create a great deal of satisfied comment. If we do not, there is bound to be disappointment, reproaches and criticism. I think people want to see Mr. Wright connected with THE FOUNTAINHEAD, and will not accept a substitute. 

If you have not changed your mind about this since I saw you last, and do intend to have Mr. Wright design the buildings for the picture, I just wanted to remind you that it is most advisable to have him start on it as soon as possible. He is 76 years old, and since he wants to do it and you want him, it will be such a shame if we miss our chance through some tragic accident of fate that might happen at any moment. 

Since you will make the picture eventually, it is better to have the designs in your files for the future, and not lose out by waiting. I would urge most earnestly that you do it at the earliest time you find convenient. 

With best regards.



Ayn Rand


*For an excerpt from that clipping see the comment following AR’s September 10, 1946, letter to Frank Lloyd Wright (Chapter 3, Letter 119).