To Lee Lyles [Letter 276]

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October 31, 1946


Lee Lyles


Lee Lyles was assistant to the president of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway system.

October 31, 1946 

Mr. Lee Lyles
Assistant to the President
Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe Railway System
80 East Jackson Boulevard
Chicago 4, Illinois

Dear Mr. Lyles: 

Thank you very much for the most interesting collection of material which you sent me. I am glad to have a copy of the book on the Santa Fe—presented to me by the Santa Fe itself. 

I enjoyed meeting you, and appreciate the time you gave me, including the personal visit to “The Mighty 6000”. You have given me a great deal of precisely the kind of information I needed. 

You might recall that you offered to let me have a copy of your speech, which you showed me. Unless you prefer not to give out any copies, I should like to have one. 

I hope to have a chance to see you again when you come to Los Angeles, and to have you for dinner at our house. 

With best regards. 



Ayn Rand

Since you sent me so many books, I am sending you one of mine in return. Your political views being so close to mine, I think you will enjoy it.