To Jack Warner [Letter 325]

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February 14, 1948


Jack Warner


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February 14, 1948 

Mr. Jack Warner
Warner Bros. Studios
Burbank, California

Dear Mr. Warner: 

I am writing to ask you whether you would be interested in seeing an Italian motion picture made from my novel WE THE LIVING

This picture was “pirated” in Italy during the war and made without my consent or knowledge. Its producers are now negotiating with me for the rights to release the picture in America and to settle the matter out of court. They have sent me a print of the film. I do not know as yet whether I will be able to reach a settlement with them. 

The story is laid in Soviet Russia and is a very dramatic denunciation of Communism. I admire the sincerity of the stand you have taken against Communism, and so I thought that you might be interested in seeing this picture for several possible reasons: If you like the story, you may want to buy the rights to make an American version of it; or you might be interested in some possible arrangement to release this picture through Warner Bros.; or you might be interested simply in seeing a sample of an anti-Soviet picture. Or, since you own the screen rights to THE FOUNTAINHEAD, you might like to see how another novel of mine has come out on the screen. 

I have discussed this matter with Mr. Herbert Freston, who suggested that I write to you about it in person.

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Mr. Jack Warner
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February 14, 1948

If you would like to see it, I can send the film to you to be screened at your convenience. The picture is quite long; it was released in two parts and runs for four hours. The dialogue is in Italian, but I have a transcript of it translated into English. As far as production is concerned, the picture is well done, and its star is Valli, who gives a great performance. 

Sincerely yours,


Ayn Rand



There is no response from Warner in the Ayn Rand Archives regarding his interest in seeing the film of We the Living.