To Marie Strakhow [Letter 353]

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September 12, 1948


Marie Strakhow


10,000 Tampa Avenue
Chatsworth, California
September 12, 1948

Dear “Missis”,

This is just a hurried note to send you the International Mail Coupons which you asked for. I am enclosing 20 coupons of 9 cents each. These are the only ones which the post office had here, and I hope they are the ones you needed.

I have written to the Tolstoy Foundation asking them to expedite your arrival, if it is possible, and I am trying to do everything I can here to help you obtain your visa.

I shall be glad to send you a statement to the effect that I will give you employment in my home. As a matter of fact, you could be a great help to me if you took over my housekeeping duties, for which I have no time; that is, to take over the management of the house, the servants and all domestic supervision. As soon as I find out the proper form to write this statement, I will send it to you.

With best regards from both of us,