To Cecil B. DeMille [Letter 400]

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August 27, 1949


Cecil B. DeMille


After screening The Fountainhead movie, DeMille wrote to AR: “Need I tell you that I liked the philosophy of it? Gary Cooper’s final speech at the trial was a summing up of what we are fighting for in the world today.” 

August 27, 1949

Mr. Cecil B. deMille
Paramount Pictures Inc.
5451 Marathon Street
Hollywood 38, California

Dear Mr. deMille:

I have just returned from New York and found your letter waiting here for me. I was happy to learn that you had seen THE FOUNTAINHEAD. Thank you with all my heart for your letter. Your opinion will always mean a great deal to me, as it did in the days when I first met you.

THE FOUNTAINHEAD is doing extremely well at the box office, particularly at the neighborhood houses, according to such information as I was able to obtain so far. Every report I have had tells me that the audiences everywhere break into applause at the end of Roark’s speech. This makes me very happy, not only personally, but because it is an indication that the political sympathy of the country at large is with us.

With best regards,



Ayn Rand