To Raymond F. Blosser [Letter 442]

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February 26, 1951


Raymond F. Blosser


February 26, 1951

Mr. Raymond F. Blosser
New York Central System
Public Relations Department
466 Lexington Avenue
New York 17, New York

Dear Mr. Blosser:

Thank you very much for your nice Christmas Greeting. But has the New York Central forgotten me this year in regard to the calendar? If I am not too late in reminding you, I would like very much to have your calendar for 1951. The 1950 is still on my wall, waiting to be replaced.

No, my railroad novel is not finished yet, but I have about 1,400 typewritten pages of it done and hope to finish it this year. It’s going to be very long, but worth it. With best regards.



Ayn Rand