To Barbara Stanwyck [Letter 450]

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October 5, 1957


Barbara Stanwyck


36 East 36th Street
New York, New York

October 5, 1957

Dear Barbara:

Thank you for your letter. As you see, I don’t forget, even if Warner Brothers do. I will be very interested to hear your reaction to ATLAS SHRUGGED. Would you write to me, at the above address, when you have read it? Before I make any decision in regard to the movie rights of this novel, I would like to know whether you feel about Dagny Taggart as you did about Dominique Francon.



Ayn Rand



On October 7, Stanwyck replied that in reading Atlas Shrugged, she “lost a week’s sleep” which answers “how much I enjoyed [the book].” She thanked AR for remembering her and for considering her for the part of Dagny Taggart (the novel’s heroine), but she said that Hollywood would want someone “young, beautiful, and all the rest that goes with it.”