To the Commissioner General of Immigration [Letter 5]

Item Reference Code: 136_01B_003_001

Date(s) of creation

March 10, 1934


Comm. Gen. of Immigration


March 10, 1934.

Commissioner General of Immigration,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Sir,

I am an American citizen and I would like to bring my parents to this country, from Russia. But before filing the proper “Petition for issuance of immigration visa”, I would like to know whether they would come under the classification of quota preference immigrants and, if found to qualify for that classification, how long would they have to wait for their turn for a preference quota from Russia.

I would also like to know how long would a Russian citizen have to wait for a regular quota immigrant’s visa (not a preferred quota) to enter this country, whether the Russian quota is exhausted and how far in advance does one have to reserve one’s turn.

I would appreciate it very much if you could furnish me with this information,

Very truly yours,

Alice O’Connor [handwritten signature]

Alice O’Connor,
1750 N. Serrano Ave.
Hollywood, California.


After more than three years of effort, AR received a telegram from her parents on May 31, 1937, conveying the final decision of the Soviet government: “Cannot get permission.”