To Michael Collins [Letter 554]

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January 2, 1970


Michael Collins


Michael Collins (1930–2021) was a former astronaut who was on board the Apollo 11 mission of July 16, 1969. AR was an invited guest to witness the liftoff. She wrote about her experience and the space program in “Apollo 11” (mentioned in this letter), published in The Objectivist issue of September 1969 and anthologized in The Voice of Reason (Meridian, 1990).

January 2, 1970

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your letter. To tell you the truth, it stunned me—in a very happy way. That you thought my article was probably the best you have read on Apollo XI, is the best reward I received in my entire writing career.

Yes, of course you may quote from my article any time you wish, any part or all of it. I shall feel very proud if you do.

With profound admiration,

201 East 34th Street
New York, N.Y.  10016