To David L. Baker [Letter 569]

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November 22, 1972


David L. Baker


David Baker was a Marine Corps captain and instructor in the behavioral science department, US Naval Academy.

November 22, 1972

David L. Baker
Captain, U.S. Marine Corps
Behavior Science Department
United States Naval Academy
Annapolis, Maryland  21402

Dear Captain Baker:

Thank you for your letter of November 3.

I am very pleased that you liked my talk on national unity [delivered at the Ford Hall Forum, October 22, 1971], and that you want to use it in a course at the Naval Academy. I am enclosing a copy of this talk which, as you will see, was published in my periodical.

Would you let me know in what form you consider using this. Do you intend to use excerpts? If you intend to use the article in full, it will be necessary to formally request permission to reprint it—which, of course, I would be pleased to give you.



Ayn Rand