To Judge Reuben L. Lurie [Letter 574]

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June 1, 1973


Reuben L. Lurie


Judge Reuben Lurie was the long-time president and moderator of the Ford Hall Forum.

June 1, 1973

Hon. Reuben L. Lurie
The Ford Hall Forum Incorporated
80 Boylston Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Dear Judge Lurie:

Thank you for your letter of April 27 and your invitation to speak at The Ford Hall Forum. So long as you are there, I shall always be delighted to accept.

Mrs. Glaser has communicated with my office and told us that the date you are holding open for my talk is October 21, which I have accepted.

Please excuse my long delay in answering your previous letter, in regard to the invitation to speak for the Free Market Conference Committee. I do not know anything about this group and they did not write to me until some time after I received your letter. I regret that they took it upon themselves to invite you to act as moderator without the courtesy of informing me about it or obtaining my consent to speak. I deeply appreciate the fact that you considered their invitation, but I cannot agree to speak for them. It is my policy not to appear under the sponsorship of any group representing some specific viewpoint (especially if it is a “conservative” one)—because, as you probably know, there is no group whose ideas I would agree with or support.

One of the reasons I enjoy speaking at the Ford Hall Forum is the fact that it is an open, nonpartisan organization.

Looking forward to seeing you again in October.

With best regards from Frank and me,



Ayn Rand