Virtual Classroom Events

Engage your students like never before by hosting a virtual classroom talk and Q&A with one of our Ayn Rand experts.

“It was beyond wonderful”

“What can I expect during my event?”

Most events last for 30–60 minutes with half the time set aside for student Q&A.

If you schedule your event to take place after your students have already finished reading your Ayn Rand novel, you can expect our speakers to center the discussion around the major themes and takeaways from the story, as well as their relevance to today’s world. This type of discussion engages students’ interest and helps to convey the real-life import of the story to their own lives.

If you schedule it as more of an introduction before your students have read the book, you can expect us to do just that—provide a spoiler-free introduction to the story, its author, and its key ideas. This helps to get students invested in the characters and themes they’re going to be reading about over the coming weeks.

Our goal is to make the events as interactive as possible, so don’t be surprised if our speakers choose to ask your students some questions too! We love hearing what they think of a particular character’s actions and why he did what he did.

These events are a resource for supporting your teaching of Ayn Rand’s novels. If you have any specific topics you’d like for us to cover during your event, please let us know. We’re happy to tailor the discussion to meet your teaching needs.

Preview one of our speakers responding to a student’s question about Ayn Rand’s Anthem.

Stimulating Discussion

Our team of experts will engage your students’ interest and help them get the most out of Ayn Rand’s dramatic and thought-provoking novels. Your students will come away having gained new insights into the themes and characters of Rand’s novels, and about the relevance of her work to the world today.

Personalized Q&A

It’s natural for students to have a lot of questions about Ayn Rand’s life, her novels, and her philosophy. Our scholars are here to help you answer them. They are experts on Rand and have taught her ideas for decades. Your students will have the unique opportunity to ask—and have answered—their questions on Rand’s unique perspective.

Back-to-Back Sessions

Many teachers use Ayn Rand’s books across multiple classes of students. If this is the case with you, we’re happy to arrange to have an expert visit each class so that everyone has the chance to participate. What’s more, we can send you recordings of the events should some of your students be unable to attend live!

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