To H. L. Mencken [Letter 12]

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August 8, 1934


H. L. Mencken


In his July 31 letter to AR, Mencken wrote: “I sympathize with your position thoroughly, and it seems to me that you have made a very good beginning in ‘Airtight. I see no reason whatever why it should not find a publisher and make a success. Certainly the time has come to turn back the tide of Communist propaganda in this country.”

August 5, 1934.

Dear Mr. Mencken,

I am profoundly grateful for your letter and very happy to know that you share my viewpoint on the philosophy of my novel. Frankly, I was a little afraid that you might consider it presumptuous on my part to hope that you would agree with me.

Since you are kind enough to offer to send the book out, I would like to ask you to send it to Dutton’s, for I understand that they are not pro-Soviet and will have no objection to the political angle of my novel.

If this is not an imposition on your kindness, I would appreciate it very much, frankly because I know that the book will receive more attention if it comes from you.

No, Mr. and Mrs. Morris have not gone to Tahiti. I telephoned Mrs. Morris when I received your letter, and she said that she was writing to you immediately.

Thanking you again, I am

Sincerely yours,