To Anna Rothe of Current Biography [Letter 198]

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March 21, 1946


Anna Rothe


March 21, 1946

Miss Anna Rothe
Current Biography
The H. W. Wilson Company
950-972 University Avenue
New York City

Dear Miss Rothe:

Please excuse me for my delay in filling the biographical questionnaire which you sent me. I was unable to do it sooner, due to a most urgent assignment from the film studio where I work.

I cannot give you the names of my parents nor any details about my childhood, because my family may still be in Russia and it might be embarrassing for them. Please do not mention this fact, and do not include in your article anything about my Russian background, except what I state in the questionnaire.

I am enclosing an autobiographical pamphlet which my publishers have printed for the purpose of answering the questions of readers about me. Since this does not give any dates, I have listed the chronological order of events in my life—on the inside pages of your questionnaire. Please do not publish my private home address.

You may use the biographical material which I am sending you only on condition that you will send me the proofs of your article for my approval before publication, and that you will not give as references for your article any publications of a leftist nature. You can readily see my reasons for this request. I shall return the proofs to you promptly after I receive them.

Thanking you for your interest,

Sincerely yours,


Ayn Rand