To Winfield L. Holden, a fan [Letter 215]

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May 24, 1946


Winfield L. Holden


May 24, 1946

Winfield L. Holden, S 1/c ARM
Box 2 CAC
NAS Banana River, Florida

Dear Mr. Holden:

You told me not to thank you for your letter, but I do. I appreciate it very much.

No, I do not intend to write another book “like” THE FOUNTAINHEAD, but I am working on my next novel now, and I don’t think you will find that it is a blasphemy against THE FOUNTAINHEAD.

As to your question on why I did not kill Ellsworth Toohey—the reason is that the kind of defeat he suffered was much worse than physical destruction.

I am enclosing a printed letter which I think might interest you.



Ayn Rand