To Alden Cornell, a fan [Letter 292]

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January 27, 1947


Alden Cornell


January 27, 1947

Mr. Alden E. Cornell
58 Susquehanna Ave.
Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Cornell: 

Thank you for your very interesting letter. I am glad that you liked “THE FOUNTAINHEAD. 

I do not quite know what you mean when you say that “genius is always impossible.” If genius were impossible, mankind would not have survived. In the printed letter which I am enclosing, you will find a fuller answer to this point.

Yes, I am opposed to everything represented by the New Deal. But you are wrong when you wonder whether this had been the inspiration of my book. A book like “THE FOUNTAINHEAD” cannot be inspired by hatred, nor by the things which one opposes. It had to be inspired by the things which I believe. 

Sincerely yours,


Ayn Rand