To John L. B. Williams [Letter 297]

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March 21, 1947


John L. B. Williams


March 21, 1947 

Mr. John L. B. Williams
The Bobbs-Merrill Company
468 Fourth Avenue

New York City

Dear Mr. Williams: 

My belated, but most sincere thanks for the two page ad of THE FOUNTAINHEAD which you sent me, both for the proofs and the final copy. 

I must say quite simply that I was delighted to see it. It came in the nature of a rather stunning surprise. It is excellent advertising. I appreciate it most sincerely, and I would be very happy to think that it does represent Bobbs-Merrill’s present and future attitude toward my work. 

You ask “how goes the new novel?” My delay in acknowledging your nice courtesy and such an important matter as this ad, is my best proof of how well the new novel is going. I am working on it full blast, day and night, which is my usual way of working. This is the first day when I could permit myself to stop, after finishing a sequence. I’m sure you will forgive my silence, since this was its reason. 

The new novel is going wonderfully. No, it’s not “marching toward a triumphant conclusion,” as you say, since I have only been on the actual writing for the last two months—but it’s certainly marching triumphantly. I love it. It is turning out in a way that even surprises me. 

Are you coming to Los Angeles, or have you been unable to decide on that as yet?  

With my best regards,