To Ben Stolberg [Letter 310]

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August 22, 1947


Ben Stolberg


August 22, 1947 

Mr. Ben Stolberg
Hotel Chelsea
222 W. 23rd Street
New York 11, N. Y.

Dear Ben: 

Could you tell me whether there is an organization or person who could help me to protect a White Russian friend of mine in Europe? This friend, an elderly woman, is a Displaced Person in the American occupied zone of Austria. I have sent her an affidavit and all the necessary documents to apply for a visa to come to America, but there is no quota at present for friends, only for relatives of American citizens. 

In view of the extremely precarious political situation in Austria, I am very worried about her fate in case of a Communist revolution out there. The position of a White Russian in Europe is extremely dangerous, and I am sure you understand why I am worried about her. 

Is there anyone who could help her to obtain an American visa or help her to remain under American protection, should there be a change of government in Austria? I would appreciate it very much if you could let me know what one can do in such a situation. 

How is the American Writers’ Association doing? I understand that we have beaten the Cain Plan.[*] My congratulations to all of you for that. 

With best regards, 



Ayn Rand



*The Cain Plan was a proposal by left-wing writers to outlaw contracts between individuals and studios or producers. The plan was not adopted.