To Carleton B. Tibbetts, CEO of the Los Angeles Steel Casting Co. [Letter 311]

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September 12, 1947


Carleton B. Tibbetts


September 12, 1947 

Mr. Carleton B. Tibbetts
2444 So. Alameda Street
Los Angeles 11, California

Dear Mr. Tibbetts: 

Thank you very much for your courtesy in inquiring from General Mark Clark about the situation of my friend in Austria. I was sorry to hear that the situation is hopeless, but I appreciate very much your help in inquiring about it. 

May I take this occasion to thank you for the most interesting time I had in visiting your plant and for your courtesy in answering all my questions. I think you will like my version of a steel man when you will meet him in my novel.  

With best regards, 



Ayn Rand