To Mary Inloes [Letter 33]

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June 18, 1936


Mary Inloes


66 Park Avenue
New York, N. Y.

June 18, 1936

Dear Mary Virginia,

Please excuse me for my delay in answering you, but the last month has been one continuous mad rush for me. I have been terribly busy with interviews, lectures, publicity and such in connection with my book. I am just beginning to come back to normal again.

I have just sent you a copy of my book, for I certainly do not want you to wait for it at a lending library. However, I am grateful for your being interested in it and trying to get it from a library. Needless to say, I am quite happy and proud about the book, much more so than about the unfortunate “Night of January 16”.

Speaking of “Night”, I must report that it is doing very well in summer stock. There are several companies doing it now and many more planned. The London production is tentatively scheduled for September. I understand also that a road tour of the big cities is planned for this fall.

You asked me what I am working on at present. For the last month I have not been able to do any work at all. I have had to give lectures and speeches about Soviet Russia—and of course I couldn’t refuse the opportunity, feeling as strongly as I do about the subject. I have even been interviewed over the radio. It is all a rather nerve wrecking experience, but quite enjoyable. However, I have two new plays and a long novel outlined, and I shall settle down soon to some serious work. I don’t know as yet when I will return to Hollywood, my plans are quite indefinite for the summer.

I hope that you have recovered completely and are feeling quite well now. Has Mr. Satenstein settled his account with you? I do hope he has.

Frank joins me in sending his regards,



Ayn Rand