To Vladimir and Peter Konheim [Letter 384]

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March 26, 1949


Vladimir and Peter Konheim


March 26, 1949

Dear Volodia and Peter:

I am not able to lend you the money which you request, and I am sorry to have to say that this time your request has hurt me.

You have asked me for a similar loan before. I explained to you at that time that I am not in a position to dispose of large sums of money. You then asked me whether I was offended by the request, and I told you then that I wasn’t, because I assumed that you did not understand my financial situation. Now, however, I do feel offended, because I did explain it to you. Now I find that you think it proper to plan your future counting on me and my income as part of your plans. I do not think it is proper.

It is not right to tell me that this loan would not be a risk. If it were not a risk, you could obtain the money from a bank or loan company. Since you cannot obtain it through commercial channels, then you know that the money is to be risked. After I have explained the tax situation to you, you should have paused to figure out what amount of money I have to earn and how long I have to work for it in order to make $6,500.

I have always been willing to help friends, if it is possible to me, when they are in an emergency. When, however, it is not a question of pressing need and involves the request for a major sacrifice on my part, then I have to say that I resent the attitude which makes such a request possible.