To Marjorie Hiss [Letter 434]

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September 25, 1950


Marjorie Hiss


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September 25, 1950

Dear Marjorie:

I am very sorry that I was not able to see you this time. I have had a very difficult time, as I am just approaching the end of Part 1 of my novel and had to attend to training a new servant, which disorganized me and the household completely. I am just coming back to normal, though I have not finished my Part 1 as yet.

Thank you very much for the Chinese lanterns which you sent us. We were startled by them as they are really magnificent. Since Frank had mentioned to you that he wanted to buy some, would you be angry at me if I ask you to let me pay for them? I hope that you did not intend them as a present, because I think it would be wrong at a time when you are furnishing a house, and your courtesy in getting them is enough of a present. Would you let me do it now and not give me any gift until you have finished your house and I have finished my novel; then we can celebrate together, but I would feel guilty about accepting presents in the middle of the stream.

I hope that you have moved into your house by now and that you are happy in it. And I hope that Philip has made no further trouble for you. Let me know how you are getting along and what decision you made about the different jobs which we discussed. I don’t yet know whether I’ll be able to take a trip after I finish Part 1, since

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it is taking me such a long time, but if I do, then we’ll stop in San Mateo to see you.

Love from both of us,


P.S. I got for you the address of the person to whom you can write for information regarding the movement against progressive education in schools. It is Mrs. R. E. Hallberg, 90 Glen Summer Road, Pasadena, California. Their organization is called the School Development Council and I am told that their office is only in Pasadena so far, but you might ask them about the possibility of your starting some similar movement in your community.