To Hedda Hopper [Letter 437]

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November 9, 1950


Hedda Hopper


Hedda Hopper (1885–1966) was a famous Hollywood gossip columnist and staunch anti-Communist. In her September 6, 1957 syndicated column in numerous major newspapers, Hopper referred to Rand as “one of the finest American citizens I know.” This letter was published previously only on the Ayn Rand Institute website.

November 9, 1950

Dear Hedda:

In case you have not seen it yet, here is the first copy of “The Freeman,” the new magazine of our side. I call your attention particularly to the statement of policy on p. 5—“The Faith of the Freeman.” I think this magazine is the best thing that has happened among us “reactionaries” in a long time.

Looking forward to seeing you on Monday.[*]



*AR’s daily calendar lists “Hazlitt party” for Monday, November 13, 1950.