To Dashiell Hammett, detective novelist [Letter 50]

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August 1, 1940


Dashiell Hammett


AR’s letter is in response to Hammett’s form letter promoting $3.50 tickets to a social event supporting his magazine Equality. Hammett had joined the Communist Party in 1937 and was the long-time partner of Lillian Hellman.

160 East 89th Street
New York City

August 1, 1940

Dashiell Hammett, Esq.
512 Fifth Avenue
New York City

Dear Mr. Hammett,

And here I thought that you were a detective and a brilliant one, because “The Maltese Falcon” has always been one of my favorite mystery stories.

Don’t you know who I am? This is not to say that everyone should, but I think you should. And if you do, you ought to know better than to send me an invitation like this. Well, you’re half-right, at that. I do welcome anyone fighting against Coughlin’s “Social Justice” [a pro-Fascist publication]. But when you give a party to fight both “Social Justice” and “The Daily Worker”, count me in and I’ll give you $7.00 per ticket, let alone $3.50. Not until then, Comrade, not until then.

Sincerely yours,