To Ray Dehn, a fan [Letter 507]

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August 17, 1963


Ray Dehn


120 E. 34th

August 17, 1963

Mr. Ray Dehn
9613 Kim Drive
Chesterland, Ohio

Dear Mr. Dehn:

Thank you for your letter of July 30th. You ask whether I would consider addressing the Young Republican Clubs of Cleveland. I appreciate your interest, but my schedule does not permit me to accept any speaking engagements at present.

I agree with what you say about the inconsistency of the Republican party and about its desperate need of “intellectual ammunition.” But that ammunition cannot be provided by any one speaker or any single speech. What is needed is a consistent political philosophy, which can be achieved only by the work of many individuals advocating the right ideas on any scale open to them, large or small, public or private. If, as I gather from your letter, you agree with the philosophy of Objectivism, I suggest that you train yourself to present a full, consistent case, to answer all rational questions and arguments, and then help others to do the same—by which I mean, those others who have a serious interest in ideas.



Ayn Rand