To Bennett Cerf [Letter 533]

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April 3, 1965


Bennett Cerf


On March 29 Cerf wrote that he was sorry to learn AR no longer wanted Random House as her publisher, but said, “I think you are one of the most wonderful people I ever met in my life, and this decision of yours will not change my feeling in that respect to the least degree.” AR and Cerf continued to exchange occasional friendly notes.

36 East 36th Street
New York 16, New York

April 3, 1965

Mr. Bennett Cerf
Random House, Inc.
457 Madison Avenue
New York 22, New York

Dear Bennett:

Thank you for your note of March 29. I sincerely appreciate your good wishes.

After our promising beginning, I deeply regret that the nature of the subsequent events left me no choice but to end our professional relationship.

I, too, wish you well and shall always give you credit for the many good actions you have taken in regard to me.



Ayn Rand