To Carolyn Riley [Letter 544]

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April 23, 1966


Carolyn Riley


A lengthy entry for AR was published in the 1966 edition of Contemporary Authors.

April 23, 1966

Mrs. Carolyn Riley
Contemporary Authors
Gale Research Company
The Book Tower
Detroit 26, Michigan

Dear Mrs. Riley:

Thank you very much for the revised version of your article in Contemporary Authors. With the exception of a few minor corrections, which I enclose on a separate sheet, the article is excellent.

To tell you the truth, I was astonished and very pleased. No, I do not doubt your “good faith” now, and I deeply appreciate the work you have done on this.

The corrections I enclose are self-explanatory. Most of them, I believe, are typographical errors. The most important one is on page 3 and involves the addition of a sentence to the quotation from Mr. Branden: this addition is needed to dispell a frequent confusion on the moral issue involved.[*]

The best way to express my appreciation is to tell you that your article is one of the very few biographical pieces which I would like to keep. Therefore, I enclose my check for $10. for the volume of Contemporary Authors in which it will appear.



Ayn Rand



*The added material, from AR’s “List of Corrections,” is “he must live for his own sake…neither sacrificing himself to others nor others to himself.”