To Michael L. Haider [Letter 545]

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August 18, 1966


Michael L. Haider


Haider (1904–86) was chairman of Exxon Corporation, writing to AR as chairman of a dinner honoring Lyndon B. Johnson.

August 18, 1966

Mr. Michael L. Haider
Dinner Chairman
Suite 456
475 Riverside Drive
New York, New York  10027

Dear Mr. Haider:

Thank you for your letter of August 3.

I appreciate your invitation to join the Sponsors Committee honoring President Lyndon B. Johnson, but I believe that some mistake is involved. I am an advocate of laissez faire capitalism and I am not an admirer of President Johnson’s policies. Therefore, in fairness to the views of this Committee, and to my own, I am obliged to decline your invitation.



Ayn Rand