To William C. Sage, a fan [Letter 546]

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August 28, 1966


William C. Sage


August 28, 1966

Mr. William C. Sage
3111 Bellewood Avenue
Zone 13
Cincinnati, Ohio

Dear Mr. Sage:

Thank you for your letter of April 10.

I am pleased that you liked Atlas Shrugged and that you agree with my philosophy. I deeply appreciate your remarks on the literary aspects of my novel.

You ask whether I had a specific piece of music in mind when I described the Halley Concerto. No, I did not. My favorite composer is Rachmaninoff, but even his music does not quite fit what I had in mind for Richard Halley. As to the musical selections you mention, I must say that I do not care for Wagner (with a very few exceptions), nor for Der Rosenkavalier.

Please excuse my delay in answering your letter: I had to wait until I had time to read the interesting material which you enclosed.[*]



Ayn Rand



*Sage had included copies of material (not in the Archives) that he sent to two Ohio congressmen.