To Channing Pollock [Letter 62]

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August 5, 1941


Channing Pollock


349 East 49th Street
New York City

August 5, 1941

Mr. Channing Pollock
Shoreham, Long Island
New York

Dear Mr. Pollock:

Thank you for the copy of your letter to Mr. Emery which you sent me. I think that Mr. Emery’s idea to have the National Small Business Men’s Association publish the Manifesto might be an excellent one—and I have written him a long letter about it.

Thank you very much for the nice things you said about me in that letter. Only, may I make one correction? I haven’t “nearly lost faith in myself.” Do I really impress you as so tragic a Russian? I often lose faith in other people—if there’s any left to lose—but never in myself. You know that I believe in egotism. And I know that you approve of such an attitude.

I saw Mr. Emery when he was in town last, and he told me that he is arranging some appointments for me with people who can be useful to our cause. Last week, I saw Mr. Gall again. He was very sorry to have missed you when you were in town, and he hopes that he will have an opportunity to meet you when you are in New York next.

Mr. Gall introduced me to Mr. Lawson, the Public Relations Counsel of the N.M.A., and we had a most interesting talk.[*] Both Mr. Gall and Mr. Lawson will now try to get financial backing for our organization.

I should be very much interested to know what news you have in your correspondence with Mr. Eames and Mr. Fuller, which you mentioned.

Hoping to see you soon again—with my best regards—

Sincerely yours,


*The correct acronym is N.A.M., for the National Association of Manufacturers.