To Gloria Swanson [Letter 65]

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September 8, 1941


Gloria Swanson


September 8, 1941

Miss Gloria Swanson
501 Madison Avenue
New York City

Dear Miss Swanson:

I have seen “Father Takes a Wife” and I want to congratulate you on your magnificent performance. It was a delight to see you again on the screen. The audience cheered when your first close-up came on, so I know that everybody felt as I did.

I think R. K. O. did not do you justice in the story they gave you. There was not enough of you—and too much of the minor characters. And your personality deserved a much more startling, original kind of part. You are an individualist in every best sense of the word—and your part should have been that of some exceptional character, not of a conventional one. Your greatness lies in being so differentand your part should have matched your talent. I hope the studio will realize this in your next picture for which all of us will be waiting impatiently.

Until then—thank you for giving us a chance to see again the kind of artistry that most pictures can no longer offer us today.

Sincerely yours,