To D. L. Chambers [Letter 73]

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March 30, 1943


D. L. Chambers


D. L. Chambers was president of Bobbs-Merrill when The Fountainhead was submitted to it in 1941. When Archibald Ogden sent his ultimatum to Chambers (see above), Chambers relented, wiring Ogden: “Far be it from me to dampen such enthusiasm. Sign the contract.”

139 East 35th Street
New York City

March 30, 1943

Dear Mr. Chambers:

Now that the last page proof [of The Fountainhead] is done and I am back on this earth, I want to thank you for the many valuable suggestions which you marked on the proofs, and for the careful attention you have given my novel.

Will you give my thanks to Mr. [Guernsey] Van Riper for the report he wrote on my book, and to the two young ladies whom I know only as “Libbets” and “Pat” for their notes on the copy. I have not always agreed with the notes, but I found many of them valid, and I appreciate all the work they put into this job.

I have found it very pleasant to deal with your New York office, and I must report to you, most gratefully, that working with Mr. Ogden has been extremely helpful and valuable to me. I do think he is a miracle as an editor. I hope THE FOUNTAINHEAD will be successful—for the sake of all of us.

Sincerely yours,