To Charles S. Pearson, of Charles S. Pearson Lectures [Letter 133]

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April 16, 1944


Charles S. Pearson


April 16, 1944

Mr. Charles S. Pearson
522 Fifth Avenue
New York City

Dear Mr. Pearson:

Please excuse my delay in writing to you. I have not written sooner, not because of indifference or negligence, but because I have been going from week to week without knowing how things would develop for me here and without being able to make my future plans. I had thought that I would be back in New York this spring, but I could not tell how long my writing assignment would keep me here.

Now, however, it appears that I will have to remain here at least for the rest of this year—as the studio will want me during the actual shooting and production of my picture. So I will not be able to do any lectures at all during 1944, and cannot renew our agreement.

If you will send me an itemized statement of the money you have spent on press material for me, I will reimburse you for it—as I appreciate your interest and do not want you to suffer an actual financial loss on my account.

Sincerely yours,


Ayn Rand


Promotional material had been produced for lectures entitled “The Moral Basis of Individualism,” “Only One Freedom” and “The Evil of Altruism.”