To Jack Warner [Letter 137]

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June 21, 1944


Jack Warner


One of the Warner brothers who founded Warner Bros. Pictures in 1923, Jack Warner (1892-1978) was president of the studio during the script-writing and filming of The Fountainhead.

June 21, 1944

Dear Mr. Warner:

I am sorry that I have not had the opportunity to meet you in person, but I would like to tell you that after working here I feel very happy it was Warner Brothers who bought “The Fountainhead”, and not anyone else.

Mr. Blanke has told me how enthusiastic you were about the book and I am glad I was able to carry it out in the adaptation as it was, preserving its theme and spirit, without being asked to make bad taste concessions, such as a lesser studio would have demanded. It was a pleasure to work for you and Mr. Blanke—and I hope some day to have the opportunity of meeting you and thanking you in person.

I am very sorry that we could not get together on a deal, due to my six-months limitation request, but I shall always be on call to help you in any way you may wish with “The Fountainhead”. I should like to see this child of mine through to its birth, and knowing that it is in good hands, I am certain that its birth will be the day of a great achievement for Warner Brothers, as well as for me.

Sincerely yours,