To Agnes Papurt [Letter 194]

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February 15, 1946


Agnes Papurt


Agnes Papurt was Frank O’Connor’s sister and the mother of Mimi, Connie and Marna (Docky).

February 15, 1946

Dear Agnes:

While Frank and I were in New York, Mimi asked us to help Docky finish high school. She told us that she would have Docky move in with her, when she was settled, and would send her to school. We offered to help her with Docky’s expenses for that purpose—to the extent of a certain sum each week, agreed upon in advance.

Now we have received a letter from Mimi which makes us dubious about the whole undertaking. Not only does she raise the weekly amount she had asked for, but she also expects us to assume full financial responsibility for any expenses Docky may need—which we cannot do.

So we wonder whether it would not be a better plan to have Docky finish high school in Cleveland, and we would like you to tell us what such an undertaking would cost.

I must confess that Mimi gave us quite a confused picture of the situation. Could you tell us what the situation really is? Is Docky living with you now and what is she doing? Does she have only one year to go to finish high school? When and why did she stop going to school?

If she stopped because you could not afford the expense, we would like to help you with it. If the idea is agreeable to you, would you let us know how much you would need per week to cover Docky’s expenses while she goes to school? If the amount is reasonable, we would be glad to contribute it, provided we know the exact amount in advance and do not have to assume responsibility for unforeseen expenses.

I hope you won’t consider this offer as a presumption. We thought that Mimi was acting with your consent, but now we realize that she probably has not discussed it with you at all. Please let us know what you think of this. We would like to help Docky finish her education, if we can.

Love from both of us,