To Polly Goodwin, of the Chicago Tribune Sunday book section [Letter 196]

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March 14, 1946


Polly Goodwin


March 14, 1946

Miss Polly Goodwin
Sunday Book Section
Chicago Tribune
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Miss Goodwin:

I have just finished reading “My Father Who Is on Earth.”[*] I am extremely sorry to say that I cannot undertake to review it.

The book is terrible. Just a sample: a son describes a great marital tragedy of his father in the following sentence: “And thus a private mangle bangle became a public jingle jangle extravaganza bonanza.” (p. 111) This is typical of the book’s intellectual quality and literary taste.

I have too much respect and admiration for Frank Lloyd Wright to criticize his son publicly as he deserves to be criticized. Besides, I don’t think it’s proper to review a book just to pan it, and certainly not in a featured review. And there is not a single thing I could say with honesty in favor of the book.

I am mailing the book back to you special delivery, so that you may have time to arrange for another reviewer.

If my answer disappoints you, let me assure you that it is as great a disappointment to me. I had looked forward to doing the review.

Sincerely yours,


Ayn Rand


*A biography of Frank Lloyd Wright by his son John Lloyd Wright.