To Mimi Sutton [Letter 200]

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March 24, 1946


Mimi (Papurt) Sutton


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March 24, 1946

Dear Mimi:

I have not answered you sooner, because I was waiting to hear from Agnes. I wrote to her at the same time when I wrote to you last—but have not had an answer from her.

I simply do not understand your letter of February 18th—except that it reads as if you were bargaining with us. You write that you would be willing to “pay half the expense” should any costly emergency occur to Docky. Who is to pay the other half?

What we wanted you to understand now, in advance, firmly and clearly, is that we do not commit ourselves to pay “the other half,” nor any part of it, nor any extra sum whatever for any purpose. We do not accept any sort of financial responsibility for Docky’s future in an unknown amount, large or small. If there is any risk involved in bringing Docky to Boston, the risk will be exclusively yours, not ours, and what you do about it will be your problem, not ours. We wanted this to be understood, so that you would not feel we left you holding the bag, should such an emergency arise.

The situation is really very simple, and the decision to make is up to you, not up to us. We offer to give you the money for Docky’s transportation to Boston and a certain stated amount for her support each week for a year, provided she goes to school. That is all. If you want to take the risk of extra expenses that she might incur, such as illness—it’s your risk and your responsibility. If you don’t want to take the risk—then call the whole plan off. It’s up to you.

But what is not up to you is to count on us for extra money in the future, should an emergency arise. We don’t want to mislead you with any

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unstated or half-stated implications. If you want to go ahead with the plan as we discussed it specifically—do so, but on condition that we are never to receive any sudden demands for extra money and that you are not to expect it.

To simplify matters, we will send you $50, a month, for Docky, on the first of each month—provided she is actually going to school. If she stops school for any reason, then we stop sending the money. The enclosed $125 is for Docky’s transportation and expenses up to May 1st. The rest is for her clothes, if she needs things immediately. You may use this money for her clothes, since you are not buying any furniture for her. But in the future you are to expect nothing except the $50. a month.

If this is all right with you, you may bring her on to Boston. If not—please send the money back to us. It’s no use holding up Docky’s schooling while we bargain about it—and I have no time to bargain.

Best of luck to Docky,