To Fred Dickenson [Letter 202]

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March 25, 1946


Fred Dickenson


March 25, 1946

Dear Mr. Dickenson:

Could you send me another set of the proofs of our strip of THE FOUNTAINHEAD? I would like to give it to a friend of mine. If this involves any special bother, such as running off an extra set, please don’t do it, I don’t have to have it. But if you have a set which you can spare, I would appreciate it very much.

Also, could I have the original drawings of some of the pictures? There are a few which I liked particularly and would like to frame for the walls of my study. Again, I don’t know whether this is an unconventional request that would upset your system, rules or records—and, if so, please ignore it. I ask it only if it is feasible without giving you too much trouble. If it is, I would like to have the originals of the following drawings:

Picture No. 1 of release No. 1
Picture No. 1 of release No. 6
Picture No. 2 of release No. 7
Picture No. 3 of release No. 7

(This last one above all)

I enjoyed very much watching the strip run here, in the Los Angeles Herald-Express. On the first day they announced it with a headline across the bottom of their front page. (I don’t suppose that is called a “headline”.) I thought that was really swell of them. I enjoyed being “a newspaperwoman with a byline” for thirty days (courtesy of Fred Dickenson). I always wanted to be a newspaperwoman, anyway.

With best regards,



Ayn Rand