To John L. B. Williams [Letter 245]

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August 20, 1946


John L. B. Williams


August 20, 1946 

Mr. John L. B. Williams
The Bobbs-Merrill Company
468 Fourth Avenue
New York, New York

Dear Mr. Williams: 

I have just learned—from a pamphlet entitled “The Thought Police” by John T. Flynn [author of The Roosevelt Myth]—that a group of reds, headed by Rex Stout [detective novelist], are conducting a smear campaign against the new Sunday Literary Supplement of The Chicago Tribune. Specifically, they are urging writers to ask their publishers not to advertise in The Chicago Tribune

I am writing to you to register my most emphatic protest against Rex Stout’s disgusting group, against everything they stand for, and against the boycott which they recommend. I would like you to do me a favor and give me an opportunity to express my protest in action. 

The decision on where to advertise is the privilege of Bobbs-Merrill. But when you next consider where to place ads for THE FOUNTAINHEAD, please keep my request in mind—and, other things being equal, please give first choice in your placement of ads for my book to the Sunday Literary Supplement of The Chicago Tribune. 

I would consider this a great courtesy to me on the part of Bobbs-Merrill. 



Ayn Rand