To Barbara Stanwyck, actress and friend [Letter 251]

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August 29, 1946


Barbara Stanwyck


August 29, 1946 

Dear Miss Stanwyck: 

I should like very much to talk to you about the next story which I am to write for Hal Wallis. I want to discuss it with you before I undertake the assignment, because I think the story would interest you. I had a slight disagreement with Mr. Wallis about the kind of part you would care to play; so I should like to get your ideas on it first-hand. 

Would you have lunch with me next Wednesday, September 4th? I should be delighted to have you come to my house (I live in the valley close to your former ranch), but if the distance is too great and it is inconvenient for you, I will be glad to meet you in Beverly Hills, if you prefer. 

I have no phone in my house, so would you drop me a line, and let me know whether we can meet, whether the date is convenient for you or you prefer to make it another time. I have tried to reach you by telephone, but I was given the wrong number. 



Ayn Rand

Miss Barbara Stanwyck
807 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, California


Whether AR met with Stanwyck is not known, but AR’s daily calendars contain numerous entries (including telephone calls) for “Barbara S.” and “Stanwyck” in September and October 1946.