To Henry Blanke [Letter 258]

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September 5, 1946


Henry Blanke


September 5, 1946 

Mr. Henry Blanke
Warner Bros. Studios
Burbank, California

Dear Henry: 

The enclosed [copy of Anthem] is a personal present to you, rather than a submission of a story for pictures, but you might be one of the few who would like it as a picture possibility. 

It is, in a way, an ancestor of THE FOUNTAINHEAD. I wrote it in 1937, when I was working on THE FOUNTAINHEAD, and it has the same theme, though in an entirely different form and on a much smaller scale. This is its first publication in America. 

So I thought you might be interested in it, and I wanted you to have it, to put on your bookshelf next to its child.

With best regards. 



Ayn Rand