To Leonard Read [Letter 263]

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September 9, 1946


Leonard Read


September 9, 1946 

Mr. Leonard E. Read
The Foundation for Economic Education, Inc.
Irvington-on-Hudson, New York

Dear Leonard: 

I was delighted to see your mimeographed copy of my TEXTBOOK OF AMERICANISM. I hope your staff and trustees will study it carefully, as I know that it will be valuable to them in helping them to avoid giving our case away. 

Your introduction is excellent. You picked out the most important point—my definition of what constitutes the violation of a right. This definition is original with me. As far as I know from my reading, it has never been made before. And I think it is extremely important, because it is clear, concrete, specific and objective. 

Good luck to you on this, and I hope it helps you in philosophical arguments with your associates. 

You really should not leave your ghost floating up in the air (even though ghosts are supposed to do just that). You owe me an answer to two long letters. 



Ayn Rand