To Alan Collins [Letter 267]

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September 23, 1946


Alan Collins


September 23, 1946 

Mr. Alan C. Collins
Curtis Brown, Ltd.
347 Madison Avenue
New York 17, New York

Dear Alan: 

I am not the kind of person who falls for tags (particularly those of Communist origin), nor who helps smear campaigns. I didn’t think you were, either. 

What exactly do you mean by the word “reactionary”?

By whom have Flynn and Lyons been labeled as “reactionaries”? For what specific actions? Was it not for their uncompromising stand against Communism? 

You are actually advising me to remove from our leadership the effective men who are dangerous to the Communist cause and turn our leadership over to some naive, befuddled “liberal” who is open to leftist influence and won’t know how to conduct the fight. 

Have you ever heard of a battle won by appeasement? 

You are advising me—in order to be “practical”, I suppose—to adopt the policy which has worked with such eminent success for Willkie and Dewey. I am extremely shocked, and don’t know what to think of your attitude. 

As far as I am concerned, the only thing I have against Flynn and Lyons is that they are not “reactionary” enough. 

If “reactionary” means anti-collectivist, I am the most complete “reactionary living—and proud of it! 



Ayn Rand

Have you ever read a book called THE FOUNTAINHEAD?


Collins responded on September 27, 1946, that his previous letter “shouldn’t have been written. One just can’t carry on arguments like this in the mail.”