To Lorine Pruette [Letter 269]

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September 26, 1946


Lorine Pruette


September 26, 1946 

Dear Lorine: 

Thank you very much for your answer. I am happy to know that you do want to review ANTHEM, and whatever you say about it, I know that it will be an honest review. The publication date of ANTHEM is October 21st. 

I was glad to hear about the young people who are reading and discussing THE FOUNTAINHEAD. If, as you say, I am going to be a classic, you were the first one who said so to the world. 

I won’t be able to come to New York this year, as I am deep in work on my new novel. I think it will interest you when you read it, and I hope it won’t take me too long to finish it. I hope to be able to come to New York for a visit next year, and I am looking forward to seeing you then. 

May I express my deepest sympathy on the death of your father. 



Ayn Rand

Miss Lorine Pruette
27 Ryder Road
Ossening, New York