To Robert Bremer [Letter 279]

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November 3, 1946


Robert Bremer


November 3, 1946 

Dear Robert Bremer: 

After I mailed my letter to you, I glanced over your letters again (you see, I do take you seriously), and I noticed that you are a little sensitive about being sixteen—and that I had referred to your age repeatedly in my letter. So this is just a postscript to tell you not to take it as any kind of disparagement. Quite the contrary. I don’t hold your age against you in any way, I hold it in your favor. I don’t think that your views are “less sincere or less stable,” because you are young. I think it is remarkable that you have reached such views and are interested in such subjects so early. So I don’t intend to write to you as to a child, but as to a person who is my equal in intellectual interests, if not in experience.