To Retah Wodlinger, a fan [Letter 284]

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November 29, 1946


Retah Wodlinger


November 29, 1946 

Dear Miss Wodlinger: 

Thank you for your letter. I appreciate most sincerely your interest in THE FOUNTAINHEAD and your concern about its fate on the screen. It is going to be filmed by Warner Brothers some time in the future—and I have reason to believe that it will be a good picture. 

But should it turn out to be otherwise, don’t let it disappoint you. A book cannot be “ruined” through a film or “through the interpretations of some of its readers,” as you say. Nothing can ruin a book. It is a completed entity. Misinterpretations are merely the misfortune of those who make them.

I am enclosing a printed letter which you might find interesting.  



Ayn Rand