To Mimi Sutton [Letter 286]

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Date(s) of creation

December 2, 1946


Mimi (Papurt) Sutton


December 2, 1946 

Dear Mimi: 

Here is the check for Docky for December. 

Give Docky our congratulations on her school grades. I’m very happy that she is doing so well. 

Thank you for the snapshot of Docky which you sent us. She is very pretty—she looks quite a bit like Agnes and like yourself. Yes, we would like to have her picture in a bathing suit, which you mentioned. 

We were glad to hear that you are all right and that everything is fine now. I was amused and pleased by your description of Connie. I knew on my single encounter with her that she would grow up to be something special. She had a lot of spirit even at the age of six. 

No, the strikes in the studios haven’t bothered my work, because I work at home. But they are certainly making a lot of trouble for pictures in general. 

We won’t be able to come East this year, but hope to do it sometime next fall. 

Love from both of us to all of you.