To Marie Strakhow [Letter 299]

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May 3, 1947


Marie Strakhow


10,000 Tampa Avenue
Chatsworth, California

May 3, 1947 

Dear “Missis”, 

I was delighted to hear that you may be able to start on your journey here in July. We are looking forward eagerly to seeing you. 

I am enclosing the documents which you requested, in support of my affidavit. They are: a statement from the Bank of America about my bank account, a letter from my literary agent about my motion picture contract, a copy of my Income Tax Return for 1946, photostatic copies of my checks in payment of the Income Tax, and a photostatic copy of the paid tax receipt for 1946 on the property which I own jointly with my husband. I am enclosing two copies each of the above documents. 

Of course I shall be glad to pay for your trip. I am writing about it to Mr. David Ross of the Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees, so that he may start to make arrangements for your departure as soon as possible. I am enclosing a copy of my letter to him. 

Mr. Gall, my attorney, has written to the American Consul in Salzburg and has sent him a copy of my affidavit. I am enclosing a copy of the reply which Mr. Gall received from the American Consul General in Vienna. I suppose that this was written before the Consul in Salzburg received your formal application for a visa. 

I shall also write to Mr. White myself. In the meantime, you may show him my letters to you, if you find it helpful.

Our very best wishes to you, and hope that we may be able to see you soon.